My Optimum Golf

My Optimum Golf, empowered by OPTM Saratoga, is a multi-faceted golf performance program, which incorporates swing analysis and exercise training to improve your golf game. This program is run by a team of movement specialists, credentialed in the Nike Golf 360 Performance System.


What is the NG360 Performance System and Whom is it for?

The NG 360 Performance System is composed of the scientific process of analysis and training to enhance the athleticism, confidence and performance of golfers at any skill level.

Simply stated, NG 360 does what no other golf performance system has ever done.  It goes beyond stance and swing mechanics to dynamically find and fix an individual golfer’s unique 3-dimensional functional faults.  It clears disruptive and limiting chain reaction movement patterns within the body by isolating and eliminating internal biomechanical causes.

Over 80 golf specific functional elements are assessed and analyzed naturally and authentically.  Based on the findings of the NG 360 evaluation, a customized training program is designed and prescribed by the NG360 specialist to improve the golfer’s performance including distance, accuracy and score.


Why select My Optimum Golf to improve your game?

Your entire body powers the club through a complex three-dimensional integrated chain-reaction movement pattern. Doing so requires 206 bones, 230 joints, and 650 muscles to synchronize together toward a common purpose.  Think complex, complicated, changing, and continuous…

Subtle linkage faults in your chain reaction limit movement, erode power, and diminish control. The result is an inconsistent game.  Performance doesn’t change until you do.

Traditional swing correction techniques largely focus on compensating for symptoms.  My Optimum Golf and the NG360 system correct the cause.  It reliably finds and fixes faults at their source naturally and authentically.

The results are impressive and often startling.  Distance, accuracy and scores improve.  Golfers routinely comment how they feel more comfortable, capable, confident, and competitive.

Perform in another dimension!