What’s so unique?

You love the game of golf. So do we!

We want nothing holding us back. But nearly always something does hold us back.
It’s not desire, effort, clubs, fittings, practice, lessons, books, articles, subscription or even
gimmicks and fads. What does hold us back is the tuning of our own individual golf-swing-
engine…that biomechanical common denominator that comes into play every time we pick up a club.

Your Golf-Pro works with you from the outside-in… to adjust your ball position, club selection, stance, grip, and swing.

Your My Optimum Golf Trainer works with you from the inside-out… discovering your
biomechanical advantage and Tuning Your Golf-Swing-Engine (GSE), to unlock and unleash the full power, precision and confidence you already have within you.

We don’t compete with Golf-Pros, we just give them and you much more to work with. They work outside-in. We work inside-out. Both meet in the middle precisely at your sweet-spot to hone your competitive edge and redefine your possibilities.

Every golf course has its hazards…hazards that block your way, slow you down, and wear you out mentally and physically.

So it is with every golfer. Each has internal “biomechanical hazards” that block movement, leak power, and limit accuracy while eroding confidence and predisposing injury.

While we can’t change the hazards on the golf course, we can free the golfer of the
biomechanical hazards within them that affects their golf performance and enjoyment.

My Optimum is not just another golf fitness, conditioning or exercise program. Rather it is a highly personalized, interactive system to reliably find and fix the specific biomechanical faults that hold individual golfers back.


Pricing and Packages

Your golf score is the product of balancing three performance-pairs: mobility and stability, power and accuracy, and consistency and adaptability in and between three regions of the body – feet, hips and upper back. The human body is an interlinking system of 206 bones, 360 joints, over 650 muscles, and millions of nerves that control it all from the inside-out, through 360 degrees of motion. This complex dynamic system is self-programmed through movement – good or bad, the patterns practiced become engrained, habitual and locked-in. Nothing changes until you do. My Optimum Golf tests, tunes and trains your golf swing-engine from the inside-out unlocking and unleashing your potential for course-ready performance. Better your body, better your game… invest in yourself. Nothing holding you back!

Our Purpose

We exist to make you a better and more confident golfer.

Optimum Inside-Out Evaluation: $145 (60 minutes)

  1. Full Analysis
    • Golf Swing
    • Joint-by-Joint Performance
    • Individualized Movement Patterns
    • Physical Limitations
    • Mobility / Stability
    • Power / Accuracy
    • Consistency / Adaptability
    • Fitness Function
  2. Precision Movement Prescription
  3. Training Plan

Optimum Inside-Out Training: $85 (40 minutes)

Functionally oriented...

  1. Prescriptive Movement Practice and Progression
  2. Correction and Problem Solving
  3. Home Program and Explanation

Optimum Inside-Out Packages

Par 3: $295
1 Golf Swing-Engine Evaluation (60 minutes)
2 Training Sessions (40 minutes each)

Front 9: $725
1 Golf Swing-Engine Evaluation (60 minutes)
8 Training Sessions (40 minutes each)

Pro 18: $1265
1 Golf Swing-Engine Evaluation (60 minutes)
17 Training Sessions (40 minutes each)


My Optimum Golf Course

A 9-week custom Golf Training Adventure that is unique as you are.

60 minutes, once per week for 9 weeks (contact us for pricing)

  • Introduction to 3-dimensional golf...optimizing  your unique golf-swing-engine.
  • Learn your personalized optimum  precision 3-D warm-up prescription.
  • Explore the biomechanical follow through your feet, knees, and hips to optimize  your swing from the bottom-up.
  • Activate your optimum  movement formula for unleashing the full power of your legs.
  • Discover the biomechanical flow through your trunk and neck to optimize  your core swing follow-through and accuracy.
  • Reach your optimum  swing precision by harnessing the top-down chain reaction of your shoulders, arms and hands.
  • Develop consistency in your game with dynamic balance tweaks for controlled postural and weight shifts from load, to explode and beyond.
  • Leverage your optimum  performance potential by layering on the pounding power of biomechanical proximal acceleration.
  • Play a round with your optimum  golf trainer to tweak your swing engine and groove your game where it counts – on the course.

Ask about our other golf training adventures!